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Welcome to Keystone State Fire Photos!

Throughout the galleries on the site you will find apparatus from across the state of Pennsylvania, along with a few other states including Maryland, Delaware, Florida and the District of Columbia. Hope everyone enjoys.

A quick intro about me:

Patrick Shoop, Jr.

I'm a career Firefighter in the Anne Arundel County Fire Department in Maryland. I currently live in Central Pennsylvania, but am looking to move closer to the Maryland line. On my off time I enjoy taking photos of fire apparatus. Most of my photography time is spent in PA and MD, but on occasion I venture into the states of DE, NY, NJ, VA, FL, and the District of Columbia. I'm a current member of the Central PA Fire Buff Association. I'm a Volunteer FireFighter with United Fire & Rescue in Lewistown. My work has been scene in numerous locations, including 1st Responder Newspaper, Different Fire Related Books, and Choice Fire Trading cards. I also submit my work to be used in the Seagrave Fire Apparatus Calendar.

Any other questions please contact me at


03/05/2013 - Good Start to the New Year! Made a trip South to SC and GA.
GA - Created a Chatham County Category!! Added Pooler FD - 7 Photos! Added Savannah FD - 23 Photos!
SC - Created a Florence County Category!! Added 19 Photos!
SC - Created a Marion County Category!! Added 1 Photo!

03/20/2013 - Small Update. Weather has been horrible in the PA/MD area.
DC - Added 3 Photos taken at the shops. - Ambulance 15, Reserve Truck 396, and an unmarked Reserve Truck.
MD - Prince George's County - Added 11 Photos - College Park, including the new truck. New Truck 832. New Engines 830, and 842. New Battalion Chief 881.

06/05/2013 - Some updates added. Has been a slow year so far.
DC - Bolling AFB Updated
MD - Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Frederick County, and PG County Updated.
PA - Allegheny County, Bradford County, Dauphin County, Franklin County, and Mifflin County Updated.
Created a Massachusetts Category! Added 1 unit to Suffolk County!!

06/30/2013 - Updates
MD - Created a Calvert County Category!! Added Prince Frederick and St. Leonard!
MD - Charles County - Added La Plata, Hughesville, Waldorf, Benedict, Potomac Heights, Bel Alton, and Bryans Road!
MD - Created a Dorchester County Category!! Added Vienna!
MD - PG County - Added Greenbelt Engine, Marlboro recently reassigned tower, and Marlboro HMSU 45.
MD - Created a Somerset County Category!! Added Marion, Mt. Vernon, and Fairmount.
MD - Wicomico County - Added Salisbury St. 16, Pittsville, Allen, and Bivalve!
PA - Mercer County - Added Mercer's new tower!
VA - Accomack County - Added Wallops Flight Facility - NASA!

07/21/2013 - Unfortunately this is a small update, and will probably be my last update until the photo season in 2014. It has been a slow year for photos due to the weather. I have also been hired by the Anne Arundel County Fire Department in Maryland, and will be starting my academy August 1st. Once started I will not have the time for apparatus photos. Thanks everybody that has an interest in my photography, and continues to view this site. I'll be back with more in 2014!
MD - Washington County - Added Long Meadow!
NY - Created an Orange County Category!! Added Slate Hill!!
NY - Ulster County - Added some units from Ulster, Woodstock, Bloomington, and Kingston.
PA - Allegheny County - Added Leetsdale
PA - Berks County - Added Wyomissing's new Seagrave Tower.
PA - Mifflin County - Added updated shots of Yeagertowns Squad, United Engine, and Junctions Truck.
SC - Florence County - Added Olanta Rural's Squirt.

Added a guest book to my website. Please sign in, and leave any comments you have about the site!

Copyright 2007-2013. Patrick Shoop, Jr. All rights reserved.

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